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A lot of people come to Egypt for many different reasons. When it comes to translation offices in Cairo, a name you cannot forget it Rosetta Translation.

About Us

Rosetta Translations has been offering the latest and finest language support for all types of businesses. There are many reasons why Rosetta is one of the leading names in the industry when it comes to translation offices.
What sets Rosetta Translation apart are the following:
•    Constant Care: One of the major things that set us apart is constant care and support. We are one of the leading names in the industry and we make sure that we provide constant care and support, focusing on our style, deadline, and constant commitment.
•    Clarity and accuracy: What sets us apart are two main reasons including clarity and accuracy for our customers. Irrespective of who you want to communicate with, we ensure that we deliver the service that you need.
•    The right legal services and marketing and background services: Another key thing that sets Rosetta Translation apart are the fact that they have certain counterparts, suppliers, clients and other sales teams that provide support and guidance all the way.
Certified Translation

Services We Provide

Rosetta Translation provides a range of services including the following:
•    Marketing translations: One of the key things that we provide are digital marketing translation, leaflets, product packaging and brochures. We translate these things for you to ensure you get all the guidance and support that you need with these services.
•    Legal translation services: We also provide translation contracts, court documents, prompt services and immediate legal translation. We ensure that we work to provide the right support at the right time.
•    Label and packaging translation: We also provide translation services for fashion retail, food labels, packaging, leaflets and more.
•    Website translation: We also try to provide translation services for local services for the leading companies, foreign organizations and help you to engage effectively with organizations worldwide.
Being an all in one translation company, we provide important services for global networks and we work to ensure we are the provider of language services for conferences, translation and more. We ensure that we provide website and SEO localization, cultural brand consultancy and more.
We ensure that what we do, we take everything services. For us, we make sure that we translate not just our words but make sure we translate everything that you need. We make sure that we are legally compliant for product packaging to make sure that we communicate in the right and effective manner.

We make sure that we handle more than 200 languages and ensure that we combine everything that we can deliver. We are a leading name in Egypt and we make sure that we work on the subject matter, culture, target audiences to deliver the right languages, right meaning, and right languages for our customers.
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