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Translation Services
Rosetta Cultural Investments is a leading translation services provider dedicated to providing the highest quality language solutions at competitive prices! With offices based in Egypt and cooperation with a number of major Language providers worldwide, we are able to offer uncompromised quality, excellent customer service, and project management.
Interpretation Services
Rosetta Cultural Investments provides high-quality interpretation services to a number of leading organizations as well as private clients. We have a proven track record of providing professional and highly qualified interpreters for both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.
To find out more about Interpretation or any of our services call us on: 00223050113, alternatively you can book an Interpreter by e-mailing info@rosettatranslate.com
Transcription Services
In Rosetta Cultural Investments, we also offer high quality and accurate translation and transcription services. Transcription is the process of transcribing what is said in a business meeting, in an interview or in court. It can also be the process of turning audio or video into a text to be translated.
Rosetta Cultural Investments transcription service expertise includes the following:
Business transcriptions (meetings, seminars, conferences)
Interview transcriptions (one-on-one, multi-speaker)
Medical transcriptions (clinical research, appointments)
Legal transcriptions (court, hearings)
Transcribing audio and video files into text for translation is also a specialist area of Rosetta Cultural Investments. We can turn your video or audio files into text which can then be translated and inserted back into the video as voiceovers or subtitling.
We can work with any of the following:
video transcription (VHS)
interview transcription
mp3 transcription
conference transcription
CD transcription
focus group transcription
DVD transcription
Windows Media Player transcription
RealPlayer transcription
We can perform any kind of transcription services that your company requires. With access to a recording studio and experienced linguists, our transcription services are second to none!
Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing (also known as DTP) is when a graphic designer uses software programs to create or duplicate page layouts with text, graphics, photos, tables so that the end product is ready for hard copy professional printing or electronic display.
The term DTP is commonly used to describe page layout skills.  However, the skills and software are not limited to paper and books. The same skills and software are often used to create graphics for point of sale displays, promotional items, trade show exhibits, retail package designs, and outdoor signs.
Our teams of experienced graphic designers will work together with you to ensure your finished product is presented accurately and to the highest standards.
For documents intended for publication, print, advertisements or tenders, our proof-reading service is strongly recommended. For documents of this nature, many skilled eyes are required to review it to reach the highest standards of translation quality. Our proof-readers at Rosetta Cultural Investments verify content, improve style and ensure clarity of text. Our proofreading service is available regardless of whether we have originally translated the document for you or not.
The quality of every translation project we work on is guaranteed by our Project Management Team through our rigorous ELTA-approved quality control procedures. One or more translators, hand-picked for their skills and experience in a specific language pair and subject area, work on the document depending on its length. The result is a professional translation that can be trusted for publication and official use.
Legal Translation as Our Unique Service
Rosetta Cultural Investments we are a leading Egyptian and Middle Eastern legal translation services provider.
We deal with a wide range of legal translations on a daily basis and have the experience and expertise to handle all forms of legal translation, including contracts, certificates, statements, letters, reports, case notes, interviews, and summaries.
Our legal translators are highly qualified and experienced translators who specialize in the legal field and often have relevant legal qualifications or legal translation qualifications.
Our legal translation services can include providing translated document certification, notarized translations or sworn affidavits.
For large urgent legal translation requirements, we have placed translation teams of up to 20 legal translators.
We already provide legal translation to some of the world’s largest law firms and with can deliver our legal translation services on an urgent translation and overnight legal translation service where required.
Naturally, all of our Rosetta Cultural Investments-delivered translations are subject to a thorough review by our professional translators, editors and proofreaders before they reach our clients.
Nevertheless, Rosetta Cultural Investments also offers these translation review services on a stand-alone basis. For instance, your company may prefer to use in-house translators, and then, in order to ensure the highest translation quality, hire Rosetta Cultural Investments for an expert review of the translation.

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