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Rosetta Cultural Investments is a professional translation company specialized in language translations for professional and academic clients. We hope our website has given you some indication of the rigorous standards that we apply to our translations to ensure we remain a leading translation company.
Please use the form below to contact us for a quote or more information about our translation services. In order for us to provide a more detailed quotation, you can upload a document with the text you would like to be translated, although this is not essential. We aim to acknowledge every enquiry within 5 minutes and to respond with a quote within 30 minutes.
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With globalization affecting all industries, the number of translation service providers has grown significantly in the past years. Companies hire these agencies these translate business documents or texts into the language of their target audience. Document translation is a crucial marketing technique for businesses wanting to go global. If a company wants to offer its services or products to its customers in a particular region, hiring an expert translator is necessary. 
Translation companies have allowed businesses to share ideas and information from one language to another. They provide professional translation services for documents and websites in order for businesses to reach their multilingual customers.  If you are in need of certified translation services, trust Rosetta Translation to help you translate your documents into your desired language. Don’t hesitate to submit an online request 
You can also contact any of our offices for a free quote. 

Translation and Interpreting Services in Egypt

Rosetta Translation specialises in translating business documents across major languages. Our office in Egypt offers high-quality interpreting and translation services, with a particular strength in financial, business and legal material. We have extensive experience in meeting even the most challenging and highly specific translation needs of our clients. Some of Egypt’s well-known legal firms, professional services agencies and financial services institutions are part of our regular clients who always hire our interpreting and translation services. 
Language Services
As a premier translation company in Cairo, we offer a full range of document processing and translation services. We have a particular focus on translating business-related files to the best of our ability. We also offer interpreting services to all interested individuals in Cario, the rest of the United Kingdom and overseas. 
As multi-sector specialists, we are able to achieve the consistency of high quality translation services our clients need. Seasoned project managers handle every project with great care. They organize the most appropriate team of proofreaders, editors and translators to make sure that all specific and technical aspects of the source documents are correctly translated and understood. Specialists are hired for multi-disciplinary translations. For instance, if finance-related contracts are needed to be translated, experts from both practices are hired and work closely to ensure that translations read just like the original documents. Our translations can be legalised, notarised and certified to meet your demands. 
Where Can You Find Us? 
Our head office is located 8 Shabab El Mohandeseen Bldgs., Nasr City, Cairo, can call us at 00223050113if you have concerns or questions. 

روزيتا للترجمة

Most of our interaction with clients occurs through fax, telephone and email, but we can also give you a hard copy of source documents and other related materials you need. These will be delivered by courier or mail. Since our translation company is located in Cairo, legalisations, notarisations and certificates for any translation we make can either by couriered, mailed or collected by hand. You are free to visit our office if you want to discuss our translations in person. Here is a map showing the location of our office.

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